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Developer Weekend is a Not For Profit initiative to bring awareness about the upcoming technologies such as Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Chatbots etc and aim to spread knowledge and awareness about technologies of the future while solving problems of local communities.

We believe that people should have equal opportunity to learn about the things that run the world - regardless of where they come from, where they live, or how "modern" their cities are! Knowledge shouldn't stop with steel-and-glass skyscrapers and carefully carved neighborhoods. The true potential of knowledge and technology can be harvested only when it is allowed to flow down and seep through the deepest sections of the society, making them equally empowered as anyone else.

Starting with the Tier-2 cities in India, Developer Weekend as an initiative will eventually expand to cover numerous towns in India, and with the support of the community and the local government, we aim to help even the last man to increase their awareness about the developments in this GigaHertz fast moving field.

Developer Weekend is the flagship developer conference for the developer community. It is intended for developers, technical leads, entrepreneurs, and student developers. The event includes advanced training, executive keynotes, deep-dives on open source projects, and case studies of successful software teams. We have mentors and industry experts to guide developers at various points throughout the weekend!.

Developer Weekend Offers hands-on technical workshops to encourage enthusiastic beginners as well as pro developers to take the challenge and get the experience of developing for upcoming platforms like Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial, Chat Bots, Android Things, Progressive Web Apps, Google Firebase Etc.       


What if there was one platform for connecting all different vertices of the developer community?

Today, the developer community is vast. It comprises students, entrepreneurs, working professionals, corporate biggies, and the who's-who of the tech industry. All these different people, spread across different parts of the world, are united by one thing - in their minds, they are all tech enthusiasts. They love it when they can get their hands dirty trying to solve a new problem. They are attracted to other developers - people who push the human race forward. They are the ones who would tirelessly pull all-nighters and make the lives of millions easier

They are developers.

However, all these geniuses are united only by their dedication towards a better tomorrow. If so many people dedicated towards a strong cause are dispersed around the globe, wouldn't it be amazing if they could all congregate, work together, and harness their true potential while catapulting the world towards bigger developments in technology? Wouldn't the progress be exponentially faster, and only increase every  day?

Developer Weekends - a non-profit community initiative - aims to fill that void. It aims to provide a vast, diverse platform for all enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge and insights with each other, and successively with the world. It gives a platform for the free, open exchange of ideas, addressing of issues, tackling challenges and solving problems.

Starting with the Tier-2 cities in India, Developer Weekend will eventually expand to cover numerous towns in India, and with the support of the community, help even the last man increase their awareness about the developments in this GigaHertz fast moving field.

If we look at the current IT hubs in India, primarily Bangalore and Hyderabad, we see that while there may be a lack of knowledge or detail among the general student crowd about what certain technical jargons mean, there is surely no lack of awareness. Walk into an engineering college and ask 10 students about what Machine Learning or virtual reality is, and in 8 cases, you would get an answer. They may not know the intricacies of the technology, or the progresses or the challenges, but they are aware of its existence

Moving to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities like Trivandrum, Tirupati or Surat, we see that the awareness is almost absent. Other than professionals working in the field, your general student crowd almost lacks the information entirely. To move towards a better, brighter future, it is necessary that this gap be bridged.

However, it is not that the knowledgeable aren't willing to help out - the converse, actually. People who are into the field often love to educate other people about it, and keep the sphere of knowledge increasing. They love it when colleges organize workshops for some 70 students and ask them to help teach the students about a new technology - and many of them would even be willing to do it for free.

As we see, there is no need-supply gap. There is ample need for the knowledge to flow down to the smallest of cities or towns - because innovation doesn't depend on where your hometown is. There is ample supply of this knowledge, with people willing to go out to colleges and spread the light. What we notice here is the lack of a very important but often ignored component - platform of communication. To complete this cycle of learning and giving back to the community, there is dire need for a platform that can unite the two halves of the sphere and make them a whole.

Developer Weekend aims to be that platform. The weekend festival for developers, where we explore the technologies of tomorrow. We intend to take the lazy weekends and turn them into active, exciting developer conferences. Developer Weekends will be 2 day conferences where we have the best of the best from the industry-of-tech share their knowledge and experience about their respective areas, the enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who explain their important observations towards the trends in the sector, and the determined students with their visions and imaginations of the perfect tomorrow. Uniting all these on a single platform - Developer Weekends aims to bridge the gap of knowledge ensure the flow down to the deepest sections of the society.

The first day would see keynotes from executives of the top tech corporations, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM among others - covering various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Progressive Web Apps, Virtual Reality, Chat Bots,  DevOps, Google Firebase, AR, Swarm Intelligence, computer vision, IBM BlueMix - what not! Filled with interesting demonstrations of the discussed technologies, day 1 would be full of adrenalin for developers, exciting and enticing their imaginations. This would serve as the foundation builder - where attendees get a fair idea of what the future of each holds and they get to choose the one they can relate to the most.

On day 2, we hand the platform over to the ground geniuses - people closer to home who have been actively involved in these technologies. These mentors hold workshops where the participants get to understand the technology of their choice from the bare basics, up to the vision and opportunities that the future holds. The mentors would be ready, and more than willing, to take up challenging questions from the participants. They help the audience develop an elevated understanding of the tech. For the developer community, there could not be a better active and productive use of an otherwise boring and lazy weekend.

And the cycle doesn't end there. The participants of these workshops take a lot with them - tons of knowledge and ideas and imaginations that they can apply everywhere. These participants are then further incentivized and encouraged by the community to organize Developer Weekends in their respective colleges, communities and towns to ensure the torch of knowledge is carried forward. With continued efforts in this direction, we can one day help bridge the knowledge gap, and it will be only then that we can all move together towards developing a brighter future with technology.

That is when we are truly developers - when we have developed. Through Developer Weekend and solve Local Problems with community.