Bangalore's Most Diverse Developer Conference



February 10-11, 2018
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Keynote Speeches


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Full days


Grand Weekend

Learn and build with the best, through executive keynotes, advanced training and beginner codelabs

In this Gigahertz fast world of technology, stay ahead of the curve with our tailor-made sessions across a wide range of technologies. There's something for everyone.

Two full days of Keynote Speeches, codeLab sessions and advanced training on the technologies of the future. with over 1300 developers and business leaders..

Keynote Talks

Over 10+ Keynote sessions covering a range of topics across Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Progressive Web Apps, Virtual Reality, Chat Bots, Google Firebase platform, IBM Bluemix and more.

Ask The Experts

Access 20+ of top engineers and tech leaders from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM Etc. ready to help you tackle your toughest dilemmas—they’re up for the challenge.

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Hands-on code labs

Go beyond the sessions, take a test drive of the latest technology with 11+ Code labs throughout the event.

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Featured Speakers

Our enviable set of speakers include top professionals and technology heads from the biggest of today’s tech companies – they are the ones paving the roads to the future. These are just a few of the many speakers we have across the Developer Weekend flock.

Kishore Balaji

Director - Corporate Affairs, South Asia at Intel

Prukalpa Sankar

Co-founder, SocialCops

Balaji Viswanathan

CEO of Invento Robotics , Creator of Mitra robot

Amrit Sanjeev

Senior Developer Advocate at Google

Anuj Duggal

Program Manager at Intel

Lavanya Tekumalla

Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon

Senthil Kumar

Founder, Jio-Vio Health Care. Engineer at Qualcomm & Ex- Senior Software Engineer at Samsung

Abhilash Ashok

Senior Lead, UX Development at Valorem & Microsoft Developer Community (K-Mug ), Kerala

Gokul Alex

Senior Manager at UST Global

Karthikeyan NG

Head Of Technology at Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd.

Amar Lalwani

Lead Engineer, Research & Development at funtoot

Sanket Thakur

Unity Developer


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Access All-Keynotes, Workshops

Choose from range of Workshops

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Our amazing partners and sponsors from developer weekend editions. Interested in sponsoring/partnering alongside these companies? email us at


Attend any of our many workshops on Day 2 of DW BLR. Take a deeper dive into understanding the technology of your choice with Codelabs.

Build with Virtual Reality

Beginner & Intermediate

Sanket Thakur

Unity Expert & CAVE

AR and MR with Microsoft Hololens


Mr Abhilash Ashok

Senior Lead, UX Dev @Valorem

Building for Amazon Alexa


Jaydeep Solanki

Backend Lead @ Rentomojo

Mesh networking with pre-existing routers

Beginner & Intermediate

Mr Senthil Kumar

Founder, Jio-Vio Health Care.

Industrial Internet of Things

Beginner & Intermediate

Avirup Basu

Intel Software Innovator

IoT Programming Essentials


Yeswanth Golla

Continental Automotive

Python Programming Essentials

Beginner & Intermediate


Developer @ Arista

Front End Dev With Free Code Camp

Beginner & Intermediate


Free Code Camp

Serverless Application Framework


Arjhun Srinivas

Software Dev @ Rentomojo



Messenger Platform




To Be Announced



Gokul Alex

Senior Manager @UST Global

Machine Learning


Ashwin Hariharan

ML mentor @ Udacity

Cloud with Microsoft Azure


Mohammed Ramees

MVP, Microsoft Developer Community Kerala

Machine Learning for Visual Recognition


Vinay Naidu

Innovation Coach @ Atal Tinkering Laboratories

AI: Algorithms and Evolution


Amar Lalwani

Lead Engineer, Research & Development @ funtoot

Please note :Schedule & Technologies in the event may change with demand

More codelabs to be announced soon!. Willing to offer Codelab from your company/platform!. Email us at



Conference Day 1: Executive Keynote Talks

The keynotes will be addressed by distinguished professionals from the biggest tech companies - Intel, Qualcomm, Gupshup and IBM among others. The delegates will deliver keynote addresses and introduce the participants to the various technologies, the challenges involved and the trends in the future. They will guide the attendees through the fascinating worlds of these technologies, sparking their interest and answering their deepest curiosities about the topics. By the end of Day 1, all attendees will choose one technology that interests them the most, and dive deeper into it on Day 2.

Conference Day 2 : Hands-on Workshops & Code Labs

Day 2 will have attendees participate in a hands-on session where they choose a technology and learn about it from the bare basics. Led by an experienced team of Ground Geniuses - active developers local to the area and high professionals in their fields - the participants will be guided through the lanes of their interest and see all their questions answered, their challenges met and their imaginations explode.

click here to download the schedule for day1.
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Looking back at Developer Weekend 2017, Trivandrum, India

Tapping into the heart of the not-so-well-known developer ecosystem of God’s Own Country, Developer Weekend TRV saw participants in excess of 1100 spread across the nation. Bringing together students, professional developers, entrepreneurs and industry experts, DW TRV had everything under one roof – imagination, curiosity, innovation, expertise, experience and most of all, passion.


Technologies Discussed






Woman Participation

Video Recap

Selection of a few of the many captivating talks and demonstrations at DW TRV. The very first edition of DW, TRV saw a wide list of technologies at the table, including Mixed Reality, Progressive Web Apps, and the IoT.

Why attend?

Single destination for an immersive experience into futuristic tech. Targeting all kinds of developers - students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts

Most diverse developer conference

The essential part of excellence is to keep expanding your horizons – to learn new things, talk to new people and explore. Start your exploration with us, as we offer you 20+ technologies and over 30 hands-on workshops across engineering and medical streams of technological development. Imaginations subject to explosion.

Experts straight from the industry-of-tech

We all know that technology is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Now, interact with the geniuses who push the frontiers and listen as they discuss the path to the future. With professionals from Intel, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and IBM to name a few, you will fall short on time as they mesmerize you

Peek into the future

In this fast-paced world, it doesn’t take long for any technology or skill to become outdated. Stay updated and ahead of the curve as we discuss the technologies of the future and help you master these talents. Learn directly from the personalities who are working to bring the tech of the future to the masses.

Network with the numbers

Harvest the full potential of the huge audience present. Interact with students, business leaders, techno-hulks, entrepreneurs and industry experts who love to live on the bleeding edge of the technological revolution


Conference Day 1 - Keynote Talks

St Johns Auditorium, John Nagar, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034


09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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Conference Day 2 - Workshops & Code Labs

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University Campus, Kasavanahalli, Carmelaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035


One Co.Work, Barleyz Junction, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034


09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

List of venues for various workshops will be announced soon.

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Developer Weekend is Not For Profit Community.

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